3D Mapping Factory has developed it’s work throughout the years through practice and training. By following our passion we have specialized in the following services that we are able to offer from concept to execution:


We come up with ideas for art direction, including a lot things like the architecture, characters, overall drawing style, color scheme of the movie, backgrounds, design for props etc. We take key elements into account such as for example culture and history.

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We work in a sketchy way and we come directly with creative ideas. We visualize each step along the process so it becomes clear easily what the result will be for the message that you want to bring across to your audience, who will be captivated by using unique content through multimedia technology. A storyboard collaboration between the both of us typically brings forward a nice blend of creativity, innovation, adrenaline, emotion and entertainment.


Our teams operate between 2 continents and our artists are specialized in different disciplines involved in our projects from around the world. The variety of skills, taste, background, talent and experience in combination with the use of cutting edge technology brings forward incredible results in content creation.


We possess all types of software and hardware needed to execute a complete project. Each project asks for a different approach and needs eye for detail along with an outstanding team. In the best case scenario you let us take full responsibility of our core business so we know exactly where to rely on. Especially in AV events we need to be able to adapt to last minute changes, which has become our second nature throughout the years.


We design the canvas needed to visualize and tell a story on any object given or created such as public buildings, event & wedding venues, theaters, cars, museums and so on. We build decors and we are equipped to transform any kind of space into a fascinating world, bringing culture and people together to experience adventures which create memories that last for a lifetime.


Weather is it is a temporary event or a permanent installation we know the drill and very well understand that each discipline acquires a different mindset.

For permanent installations that run on a daily bases we tend to automate and use very advanced technology that can run remotely. Durability, low-maintenance and reliability are key.

For events we make use of multifunctional equipment that is build to resist continuous changes. We work around the globe and we collaborated with unique partners to squeeze the cost.


We produce in-house all types of 3D animation such as:
– Architectural transformations;
– Logo animation;
– Animatic;
– Graphic animated oriental ornaments (typical mapping);
– Integration of special 3D characters;
– Integration of special effects;
– 3D animation loops;
– Post production (montage such as editing, compositing, special effects etc.)


One of the exquisite things within animation production is to be able to make the animation come alive by integrating real people into the animated video. We do that by filming on chroma (green screen) in the best available studios anywhere around the world. We direct and film the whole process ourselves, with suitable actors, to ensure that it will perfectly integrate with the animation production.

PRODUCTION of SOUNDTRACKS (music, sound design & special effects)

We estimate that about 50% of the emotion and experience in any event may come from the production of sound which also needs to be able to integrates perfectly with the video. In order to achieve that we made it a hobby to work with the best people around us to ensure a superb match between video and sound.


An experience will last with the use of professional recording. We have the best camera’s, video’s, software and wizards in house to register the best memories for you perfectly well.

WE DO IT IN 3D, 4D, 5D…

we integrate sound, movements, special effects and so on to increase the experience among the following categories that we offer:



    • Video mapping;
    • Projection mapping;
    • 360⁰ projection;
    • Water projection;
    • Hydro projection
    • Holographic projection;
    • Mocap mapping;