KOHAR showcased its largest concert with Stars of Armenia at Liberty Square near the Opera House in the heart of Yerevan, Armenia. The star-studded event brought together the most popular singers of Armenia who performed with KOHAR their much-loved songs that are admired by fans and audiences alike.


3D Mapping Factory was commissioned to transpose the façade of the Opera Theatre into Armenia’s unyielding history from Noah’s Ark to its national symbol Ararad, its rich Alphabet – the Ayp Pen Kim – reaching historic Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia.


It was the first video mapping worldwide done on a circular, architectural building receiving a 5-star online ranking and registered to be one of the most spectacular video mappings ever performed.


The live concert was broadcast live by Armenia’s Channel 1 TV and for the first time via Internet live stream. Over 10,000 spectators, in addition to tens of thousands of TV and Internet viewers from Armenia and the Diaspora, were mesmerized by KOHAR’s performance of the finest tunes and the program which was dubbed as the biggest show ever performed in Armenia for its grandiose magnificent production.


Together with KOHAR, the audience joined in the performance waving more than 3000 flags of Kingdom of Cilicia that were distributed by the organizers.


The live concert took place on the 28th of May 2011.

Technical ‘Making Of’ – KOHAR


KOHAR 3D video mapping - Live concert with Stars of Armenia


Yerevan, Armenia - Showcased at Liberty Square in front of the Grand Opera Theatre

Project details

Live concert event at Liberty Square in front of the Grand Opera Theatre


28 May 2011